Domaine Wardy

The story of Domaine Wardy is that of two neighboring families from Zahle, the Wardys, and the Cortases. The Wardys owned vineyards and orchards, while the Cortases had been producing wine and arak since 1881.   After some time, members of the Wardy family began to emigrate, leaving the winery in Zahle with no one to carry it on.


In 1971, George and his older brother Aziz returned to Zahle and bought Abou Raad's share of Arak "Gantous & Abou Raad", Lebanon's leading Arak brand, and founded "Solifed, SARL" with the Gantous family. The Wardys bought Gantous' shares in the company in 1996 and started producing wine under the brand "Domaine Wardy" as well as "Arak Wardy"; in 2017, Georges' children bought the entire shares of "Solifed" and "Gantous & Abou Raad".
Domaine Wardy turned 21 years old in 2018. With new owners and new management.
Domaine Wardy decided to get back to nature by committing to sustainable management of the new vineyards and respecting the environment by switching to solar energy and a new wastewater treatment plant on the estate.


The winery is now owned and managed by four Wardy siblings and produces 17 wines, arak, and vodka.