What is Arak?

What is Arak ?

Arak is an intensely flavored liqueur that has a tradition in the Eastern Mediterranean.  Arak is traditionally made from only two ingredients: Grapes (usually Obeidy grapes) and anise seeds it is best compared to Anis-liquor/Anischnapps. The production begins in the vineyards, where high-quality vines are the key to making good Arak. The vines should be very mature and usually golden in color. The vineyards are not irrigated but left to the rainfed agriculture, taking advantage of the natural rain and sun. The grapes, harvested at the end of September and October, are pressed and put into barrels together with the...

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History of Wine

History of Wine- Why is wine a local drink in the Levant

In the oldest myths, wine appears as a divine drink that accompanies man from the moment of his creation. Thus, the Babylonian myth shows how the gods celebrated the god Enki's creation for man and celebrated a great feast where they drank wine at a banquet. This ancient mythical appearance of wine shows how wine is rooted in the human subconscious. The archaeological evidence of grape wine from modern Georgia between 5800-6000 BC and the oldest known winery in the world is the Arni Cave in Armenia, dating back to 4100 BC, proofs this rooting in our humankind. On the...

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Which Arak is the best

Which Arak is the best, how to choose your Arak- Beginner guide to the world of Arak

For the many people who did not grow up in homes where Arak is traditionally produced, it is normal to wonder about the differences between the various types and the different tastes. Despite the high alcohol content in Arak, it is more difficult to distinguish between its varieties than with the less alcoholic wines.  Experienced drinkers differentiate between most sorts of Arak since the number of distillation times leads to different tests and alcohol percentages. The lighter Arak with the lowest percentage of alcohol is the Arak distilled once. As for the native ethnicity that everyone accepts, it is the...

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The story of Wine Soul

The story of Wine Soul or how Arak (Anis-Schnapps) is made ?

Imagine you are slowly sipping the spirit wine and blend into your soul. Scientifically, this is precisely what it means to drink Arak, or what is widely referred to as Anis Schnapps. Despite the vast difference in taste between Arak and Wine; The industry of Arak closely interlinks with the wine industry. In the past, the manufacture of Arak relied on distilling the wine itself and taking out (wine-perspiration, wine-water, or wine-spirit). In fact, the word "Arak" literally means sweat/ perspiration in the Arabic language, and here it is the short form of "wine perspiration." Since the production of Arak...

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