Château Ksara

Château Ksara began life in 1857 when Jesuit Fathers inherited and began farming a 25 hectare plot of land to produce Lebanon’s first non-sweet red wine. In doing so, they laid the foundations of Lebanon’s modern wine industry.

It is worth remembering however that Lebanon’s oldest winery is merely continuing a 5,000-year-old trading tradition. The Jesuits accidental discovery of a grotto, stretching over 2 kilometers, gave the religious men a perfect storing area, which was not too humid and at ideal temperature . It is dug in a limestone rock and it is believed that the grotto dates back to the roman period but its use by the ancient civilization is still unknown.

The cave comprising 6 tunnels which cover 2 km under Ksara, were discovered in 1898 and represent perfect conditions for storing wines, as temperature remains between 13 and 15 C all year round.

The cellars contain approximately 900.000 bottles ranging from last year’s vintage to a few final examples of the 1918 vintage.