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Welcome to the Enab-Berlin career page! We are a vibrant and fast-growing startup that is passionate about bringing the flavors of Levantine wines and Arak to a new generation of wine enthusiasts. We believe in the power of innovation, creativity, and teamwork to make a mark in the industry. If you're looking for an exciting opportunity to be part of our young and dynamic team, we'd love to hear from you!


Company Culture

At Enab-Berlin, we embrace a culture of curiosity, exploration, and collaboration. We value new ideas, initiative, and the drive to challenge the status quo. We're not just about selling wines and Arak; we're here to create experiences, tell stories, and build a community around the Levantine beverage culture. Join us, and together, we'll redefine the way people experience and appreciate these unique libations.


Why Join Us

Be part of a young and dynamic startup with a mission to make an impact in the wine industry.
Work in an environment where your ideas are encouraged, and you have the freedom to innovate and experiment.
Immerse yourself in the rich and diverse world of Levantine wines and Arak.
Collaborate with a passionate and talented team dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences.
Grow both personally and professionally as you contribute to the growth of Enab-Berlin.


How to Apply

We are excited to receive initiative applications from talented and ambitious individuals who share our passion for wines and our vision for Enab-Berlin. If you are ready to take the next step in your career journey with us, we invite you to send us your application via email to Please include the following in your application:

  • Your resume or CV, highlighting your relevant experience and skills.
  • A brief introduction about yourself, explaining why you are interested in joining Enab-Berlin and how you can contribute to our team.
  • Any additional information or portfolio showcasing your creativity, previous projects, or relevant achievements.



    Please note that we receive a high volume of applications, and while we strive to respond to each one, it may take some time for us to get back to you. We appreciate your patience and understanding.